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What We Do

Although the Executive Board or the Council of Unit Co-ordinators may also refer other matters to this committee, their primary responsibility is ARTICLE 6 of the Collective Agreement.

Organizational and Technological Change as per Article 6.01 of our Collective Agreement means the introduction of equipment, material, work functions, processes, methods, organization or geographic location, significantly different from that currently practiced.

This committee plays an important role in bargaining. Four months before bargaining is due to start, the Co-ordinator will submit a report on any bargaining changes necessary to ARTICLE 6.

The committee provides a liaison between our Local and the Technological Changes Committees of those Organizations to which we are affiliated. In addition they maintain regular contact with all other Public Service unions on the issue of Technological Change.

In terms of service to individual Union members, the committee maintains regular contact with all members who are affected employees and keeps track of ongoing Org and Tech (Article 6) grievances.

The chair (Advisor) of this committee reports regularly to the National Representative and to the Advisory Group and to the Council of Unit Co-ordinators.

Committee Members

President: Harry Goslin

Vice President Area and Regions: Cynthia Ireland

Treasurer: Tony Dinardo

Vice President Head Office: Everton Thomas


What We Do

The members of this committee participate as the Union representatives on the Joint Travel and Busines Expense Committee established under the Collective Agreement.

The Committee Chairperson is a member of the Executive Board and a member of the Council of Unit Co-ordinators with voice and vote at meetings and makes regular reports to these bodies.

This committee also provides information to the Bargaining Committee

Committee Members

Tony Dinardo

Josie Morin

Note: All Travel and Business Expenses can be found in Article 8 of the Collective Agreement


Article 25 In the Collective Agreement states the following:

“The Employer and the Union are committed to maintaining a workplace that demonstrates a sincere and continuing interest in the individual and collective well-being of all employees and recognizes the inherent worth and dignity of every employee.

The Employer undertakes to:

§ Protect the safety and health of its employees when assigning work, covering absence or vacation leave.

§ Ensure that there is no unreasonable workload imposed on an employee.

The Employer and the Union acknowledge that workload can fluctuate and should be reviewed on an ongoing basis with the goal of equitable and reasonable distribution of workload.

The Employer will ensure that employees know what is expected of them by providing ongoing performance feedback and collaborate on development objectives through regular supervision.”

Jointly, Union and management have designated individual contact persons to specific positions to assist with related workload issues. If these issues cannot be resolved at the local level, either party or both can jointly bring the issue to the identified contacts who will engage the parties to discuss recommendations to resolve the issue(s).

The workload committee role mandate is to make recommendations if the issue is unable to be addressed at the Local level. If the issue still cannot be resolved, it can then be escalated to the Joint Workload Committee for further discussion. The local reserves the right to file grievances under the workload language in the collective agreement if required.

Committee Members:

Recording Secretary: Josie Morin

Director – Head Office: Everton Thomas


What We Do

This committee works to ensure that the emotional well-being of our members receives attention and that wellness activities and counselling services are available as needed? They provide liaison with the Corporate Health Centre and other external groups, to support the provision of appropriate services for our? members.

Within the Local, committee members liaise with other committees such as Education and Training, Publications, and Health and Safety, the Disability Management Committee and Joint Insurance Benefits Review.

Committee members also liaise with other agencies such as the Corporate Health Centre?

Warren Shepell the EAP provider, CUPE Ontario and CUPE National and Canadian Labour Congress.

Committee Members

Chairperson: Maureen Nevins-Selvadurai


What We Do

The committee works to achieve the best Pension Plan for members and represents the Local on Pension issues. It recommends appointments to WSIB Pension committees and advises and makes recommendations to the Bargaining committee. Regular reports are made to the Executive Board and Council of Coordinators to whom it is accountable.

For specific information regarding your pension please call Human Resources.

President & Committee Lead: Harry Goslin

Committee member: Tony Maccarone, Tony Dinardo & Fred Ho


Grievance Committee:

This is not a permanent committee. The committee is formed as required when a greivance decision is being appealed.

Te role of the grievance committee is to review decisions around proceeding to arbitration on cases. Although used rarely it provides opportunities to protect members’ interests in the grievance process. The Chief Steward and the Senior Stewards meet regularly in addition to the grievance committee for the purposes of training, information exchange and to determine grievance trends.

Chief Steward: Tony Maccarone

CUPE National Staff Representatives: Fred Ho & Lesley Swann


What We Do

Our committee works to safeguard the rights and protect the interests of workers in our workplace in health and safety matters. Committee members represent the Union on Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees and participate on behalf of the bargaining unit in Occupational Health and Safety Committees.

The Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees are jointly established under the Occupational Health and Safety Act. The CUPE Local 1750 Occupational Health and Safety co-ordinator is the chairperson of the Committee and is an elected member of the Executive Board with voice and vote in meetings. The co-ordinator is responsible to the Executive Board and the Council of Unit Coordinators with respect to its activities and responsibilities and makes regular reports to both bodies.

Bargaining Unit Central JOHC Co-chair: Tony Dinardo

JOHSC Representatives as of November 2018


What We Do

This committee is responsible for providing representation to members who have WSIB claims appeals. If requested, committee members will also assist members with return to work and accomodation issues that arise in the workplace.

BEC Representatives Always Needed

Some of the important work our local does is to assist our members with their Board Employee claims when they have suffered a work related injury. We need your assistance and expertise as a Board Employee Claims Representative, to assist CUPE 1750 members with issues of entitlement, return to work, understanding their claims, interpreting decisions, completing objection forms and representing them at meeting’s with the Employer/Agency as well as with appeals. Volunteer to become a Board Employee Claims Representative by contacting us at the union office. Training is available upon request when you volunteer.

If you would like to volunteer to be a BEC representative or need assistance with a BEC claim please call the union office.

Committee Members

Vice President: Everton Thomas



The Inclusions/Exclusions Committee shall:

Represent the Union on Joint Inclusion/Exclusions work
Develop and maintain an organizational profile and act upon the inclusion and/or exclusion of work from the bargaining unit
Represent the Union where the classification of a position is in dispute
Record and refer all new bargaining unit inclusions to the Organizational and Technological Change Committee and Job Evaluation Committee
Make regular reports and be accountable to the Executive Board and the Council
Submit recommendations to enhance relevant Articles of the Collective Agreement, before the Collective Bargaining Process

Committee Members:

Chairperson: Tony Dinardo

Vice President from Head Office: Everton Thomas


The Diversity and Equity Issues Committee shall:

a) Inquire into matters brought forward by members concerning employer violations of the Human Rights code and related legislation;
b) Inform and educate membership on issues regarding Human Rights;
c) Liaise with the Human Rights Commission;
d) Develop a profile of the wages, benefits, working conditions and priority demands of diversity and equity seeking members;
e) Monitor any changes in the employer’s policies, which might adversely affect all equity seeking members in the work force;
f) Educate the membership on issues of concern to diversity and equity seeking members;
g) Encourage more diversity and equity seeking members with a focus on women to be involved in union activities;
h) Liaise with equity issues committees [gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, class, religion and ethnic origin] of those organizations to which the Union is affiliated;
i) Make regular reports and be accountable to the Executive Board and the Council.
j) Submit recommendations to enhance relevant Articles of the Collective Agreement, before the Collective Bargaining Process.

Committee Members:

Recording Secretary: Josie Morin


What We Do

The Constitution and By-Laws Committee receives and studies all proposed resolutions. The members of the committee are responsible to present a complete file of proposed resolutions to the Executive Board together with the recommendations of the Committee as to their disposition. All properly processed By-Law amendments resolutions are referred to the Council together with a recommendation for concurrence or non-concurrence of the Committee.

When a dispute arises out of the interpretation or application of the By-Laws, the affected party may submit a written request for a decision from the Constitution and By-Laws committee. The committee will review the By-Laws and reach a decision by a simple majority of Committee members. A written decision will be provided within 10 working days.

The By-Laws of the Local are subordinate to the National Constitution and one of the functions of the Constitution and By-Laws Committee is to ensure that proposed constitutional amendments are consistent with the Constitution of the National.


Chairperson: Olga Szudy


What We Do

The members of this committee participate as the Union Committee of the Joint Insurance Review Committee established under the Collective Agreement.

On its own initiative from time to time the committee makes recommendations to the Executive Board regarding:
1. the benefits package of the collective agreement(s)
2. the committee’s terms of reference
3. the benefits appendices forming part of the Collective Agreement

The Committee Chair is a member of the Executive Board and the Council. This committee also provides information to the Bargaining Committee concerning the benefits package.

Committee Members:

Cynthia Ireland


Benefits information( extended health benefits, dental, life insurance, travel insurance) can be found in the WSIB “Human Resources Employee Handbook” on Connex. For specific enquiries you can also call Great West Life 1800-263-5742 or 519-435-6903


What We Do

Our committee writes, edits and publishes all of the Union communications, including the Update, Bulletins and, of course, the Web Page. We are also responsible for distribution of printed materials to the membership.

We keep our members informed about happenings within the Local and in the broader labour community; the Canadian Union of Public Employees, its divisions or councils and other Union bodies.

We liaise with other committees of the Local and work on special projects from time to time as needed.

We provide advice to the Administrator and Council on matters pertaining to communications and each year we develop a communication strategy for the local.

Committee Members:

President: Harry Goslin

2013 OCEU/CUPE 1750 Bursary Recipients The results are in…. Application deadline closed on 18Oct13. We received over 59 Bursary applications. The applications received came from various Area offices and Head office. The 2013 OCEU/CUPE 1750 Bursary Recipients are: 1. Abedowale Adams from Toronto 2. Alysha Mills from Sudbury OCEU/CUPE 1750 would like to thank all applicants for their submissions. But most of all we would like to take the time to recognize your interest in your future and would like to encourage you to continue on with your learning curve. As you know, OCEU/CUPE 1750 is passionate about education! Wishing ALL students a successful school year… In sol, Education Committee   What We Do This committee provides information to the membership about educational and training programmes sponsored or endorsed by CUPE and by the local labour community. We organize, develop and administer internal education programmes for Local 1750. For example, we provide activist training sessions for newly elected members of the Unit Advisory Committees. We review requests for training and with the endorsement of either your Unit Advisory Committee or the relevant Committee chairperson, we make recommendations to the Executive Board for approval for members to be sponsored to attend training at educational institutes and seminars. The committee is also responsible for the yearly Bursary awards. Educational opportunities are offered to union representativesto only to ensure they have the tools to properly represent you. If you are interested in volunteering to be a representative in your unit or you are currently a union representative looking for specific courses please contact the union office.
Committee Members:
Member(s): Yetty Atiola


Bursary Application Form


What We Do

The Job Evaluation committee represents the union in the joint job evaluation procedures established under the Collective Agreement. It is responsible to the Executive Board and the Council of Unit Coordinators and makes regular reports to these bodies.

The committee assists in job matching activities for use in negotiations with the employer and it may also participate in the preparation and presentation of classification grievances.

This committee also makes recommendations to the bargaining committee with respect to Article 18 of the Collective Agreement.

Joing Job Evaluation Committee

The Joint Job Evaluation Committee is responsible for evaluating all bargaining unit jobs using the joint job evaluation plan.

The Joint Job Evaluation Plan and process will be periodically reviewed through discussions between the parties to ensure it continues to adequately measure the value of the work of the bargaining unit work force.

The Joint Job Evaluation committee will report concerns over the integrity of the plan and process to the employer and the union.

Changes to the Joint Job Evaluation Plan will be made by mutual agreement.

Job Evaluation Committee Members

Chairperson: Olga Szudy
Member(s): Anna Braund

More Representatives

List of Joint Union/Employer Committee Assignments

This document includes a listing of all standing committees and ad-hoc committees.

STANDING COMMITTEES focus on ongoing work. Many of the roles and mandates of most committees can be found in the Collective Agreement and OH & SA.

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AD-HOC ASSIGNMENTS are developed on an as-needed basis for the duration of need.