Training Request Process


What to expect?

All training proposals can expect to be evaluated against the existing needs of the union. Training is for union representatives only and not for our general membership.

Frequently Requested Training:

  • Stewarding
  • Bargaining
  • Strike Prep Training
  • Alternative Conflict Resolution
  • Understanding Mental Health
  • Combating Workplace Discrimination/Bullying
  • Leadership
  • Pension

Our Education Committee reviews all training requests and makes a determination whether the training is pertinent to our representatives and membership’s needs.

What to expect?

All proposals for training will be reviewed fairly and evaluated against the following selection criteria. Representatives are required to complete effective steward training.

All proposals will review training:

  • Duration
  • Start Date
  • Cost
  • Location
  • Relevance to his/her union position

Training proposals:

  • Must be reviewed and approved by the OCEU Executive Board. In urgent cases the President can approve training requests outside an Executive Board meeting but will advise of the decision at the next Executive Board meeting.

What to expect?

Once a request for training has been received it will be evaluated by the Education Committee.

The Education Committee will advise the union representative of their recommendation regarding their training request and we notify them that their request must be considered by our Executive Board.

What to expect?

The Education Committee will table the representative’s training request and will provide their recommendation at the next scheduled OCEU Executive Board meeting.

Our Executive Board will discuss the training request and decide on entitlement.

Following the meeting, the Education Committee will advise the representative of the decision regarding their training request.

What to expect?

If a member’s request for training is approved the member will be contacted to confirm the program name, cost, time and start date for the training.

The Education Committee will ensure arrangements for the training are implemented with the assistance of our local’s office staff.

Next Steps?

Please fill out the training request form and submit. For any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:


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The Ontario Compensation Employees Union | Cupe 1750 is introducing a new online system to keep track of training requests being made by members. Training is for union representatives only and not for general membership.



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